Facebook Likes

If you’re thinking about promoting your business or product through social networks then you must be well aware of the potential of Facebook. The largest social network in the world is a potential gold mine and you can invest in it for advertising your brand, talent, business or product. Wondering why people buy Facebook likes & fanpage likes?

  • Well, it’s simple really, increasing your online presence will make your fanpage more popular.
  • Making your fanpage popular in turn increases the sharing amongst other Facebook and social media users.
  • It’s this sharing that’s makes your information go viral.
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All our Facebook likes fanpage likes packages feature:

  • 100% safe fan page likes.
  • Likes will help to increase Google and other search engines rankings.
  • All orders are started within 12-24 hours.
  • Facebook likes and fanpage likes are delivered from different countries (worldwide).
  • All your fans and likes will come from real and active Facebook accounts.

No admin access is needed – just provide the link to your facebook fanpage or facebook post or facebook photo in email after checkout.


  • Facebook photo or post: must be public, with no adult content
  • Facebook fanpage: during promotion shouldn’t be in Music, Adult or Band categories (switch to any other category temporarily). After promotion is delivered – feel free to switch back.

Package Discount Price Delivery
1,000 likes 15$ 3-6 days
2,000 likes 5% 28$ 4-7 days
4,000 likes 8% 55$ 4-9 days
8,000 likes 10% 108$ 10-15 days
16,000 likes 12% 211$ 15-20 days
32,000 likes 15% 408$ 15-25 days
64,000 likes 18% 787$ 25-40 days
128,000 likes 20% 1,536$ 40-60 days